Ferman Kimya

It is a strong and specialized company in the sales of industrial epoxy flooring, textile auxiliary chemicals and chemical raw materials.

Ferman Kimya
Superior two-component epoxy coating

It is a high quality industrial flooring produced by Turkish experts with German technology.

Ferman Kimya
Two component FK Anticorrosive Paint

Corrosion-resistant paints are combinations of chemically complex materials that reliably protect metal structures from the aggressive external environment.

Ferman Kimya
Chemical Raw Materials for Textile

Auxiliary chemical raw materials for the textile industry is a necessary raw material for light industry enterprises. Used at every stage of textile production and largely determines the quality.

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Construction chemicals

FK Anticorrosion paints

Corrosion-resistant paints are chemically complex combinations of substances that reliably protect against the influence of the aggressive external environment of metal structures. In addition,...

FK Two Component Epoxy System

FK Two Component Epoxy System Epoxy is a self-leveling solid foundation with a unified structure. It is absolutely harmless to health and very easy to...

FK Top coating FK Primer coating

Two Component industrial epoxy. The application of two component FK Primer Coating and FK Top Coating topcoat products is the perfect solution for concrete,...
Textile auxiliary chemicals

FK Micro Silikon Yumuşatıcı

(Concentrated Micro-Silicone Softener) CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Aminopolysiloxane reactive silicone FEATURES Appearance: Opaque liquid emulsion Ionic structure: non-ionic Solid: 61% PH value: 5 AREA OF USE: FK Micro Silikon Yumuşatıcı Provides excellent results...

FK Makro Silikon Yumuşatıcı

(Concentrated Macro Silicone Softener) CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Aminopolysiloxane reactive silicone PROPERTIES Appearance: Milky White Liquid Ionic structure: Nonionic Solids: 40% Active Substance: 35% pH value: 5 (approx.) FIELDS OF USE: FK Macro Silicone...

FK Katyonik Yumuşatıcı

Anti-yellowing softener with high penetration effect Chemical Structure: Ester-quard Appearance: Opaque, flowing, white Ionic Structure: Weak cationic Density: pH (Direct): 3,0 + 0,5 Solubility: Easily soluble in water at any...

About Us

Ferman Kimya
is an innovative and powerful company that sells high quality industrial flooring, textile auxiliary chemicals and chemical raw materials not only in Tashkent, but also for all textile enterprises, food manufacturers and many industrial organizations operating in Uzbekistan. Ferman Kimya is one of the first companies in this field in Uzbekistan.
All products are produced with superior German technology and Turkish engineering and quality is the determinant.

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