(Concentrated Micro-Silicone Softener)

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Aminopolysiloxane reactive silicone


Appearance: Opaque liquid emulsion

Ionic structure: non-ionic

Solid: 61%

PH value: 5

AREA OF USE: FK Micro Silikon Yumuşatıcı Provides excellent results for finishing all types of fibers and textiles. This gives a soft, slippery and elastic touch to woven and knitwear.

FK Micro Silikon Yumuşatıcı improves the antiwear properties of the fabric without leaving creases, the crease-free corner facilitates sewing, reduces tearing and abrasion, and increases resistance to washing and dry cleaning.

FK Micro Silikon Yumuşatıcı has little effect on the whiteness of the fabric during the finishing process; as a rule, it does not affect the color tone and color fastness of dyes of dyed products.It can be used alone or in combination with resins and other finishing chemicals. When used with other additives, it should be added in diluted form after all other products (this recommendation is usually applied in all polysiloxane processes).FK Micro Silikon Yumuşatıcı can be used together with polyethylene wax, cationic and nonionic softeners in decoration and other softening processes.

FK Micro Silikon Yumuşatıcı; When used in combination with conventional softeners and fillers based on polyacrylate, a wide range of touches can be achieved.

APPLICATION: FK Micro Silikon Yumuşatıcı For optimal softness of the fabric, FK Micro Silikon Yumuşatıcı is used, which modify the feeling and make it soft, elastic, responsive, withstanding time-wash. FK Micro Silikon Yumuşatıcı provides improved fabric softness and durability.