(Concentrated Macro Silicone Softener)

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Aminopolysiloxane reactive silicone

Appearance: Milky White Liquid
Ionic structure: Nonionic
Solids: 40%
Active Substance: 35%
pH value: 5 (approx.)

FIELDS OF USE: FK Macro Silicone Softener gives excellent results in finishing of all types of fibers and textiles. It gives soft, slippery and elastic touch to woven and knitted goods. FK Macro Silicone Softener has little effect on the whiteness level during the finishing processes. Generally, there is no side effect on color fastness or color fastness of painted goods. FK Macro Silicone Softener increases the wash-wear properties of the fabric, crease-free angle, ease of stitching, reduces tearing and abrasion, and is resistant to washing and dry cleaning. FK Macro Silicone Softener imparts a very good lubricity and elasticity to the fibers.

APPLICATION: It gives permanent touch without using catalyst. If the resin is not used, there is no need to adhere to special healing conditions.
FK Macro Silicone Softener can be applied in the fulard method, high circulation pumps should not be used in fulard baths, as this may cause product stability to deteriorate.