Anti-yellowing softener with high penetration effect

Chemical Structure: Ester-quard

Appearance: Opaque, flowing, white

Ionic Structure: Weak cationic


pH (Direct): 3,0 + 0,5

Solubility: Easily soluble in water at any rate.


• Used as a softener in all fiber types.
• It gives a full, soft and slippery touch in cellulosic fiber types.
• Adds antistatic properties to the fiber.
• Due to the very low hydrophobic structure it imparts to the fiber, it can be used in combination with suitive finishes.
• Heat-resistant, therefore not sublimed in high temperature drying and condensation processes.
• It is easy to disperse in the bath because it is liquid and does not cause stains.
• Does not cause yellowing at high temperatures.