(New Concentrated Hydrophilic Silicone Softener)

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Hydroxy polyglycolether polydimethylsiloxane.


It is a semi-macro hydrophilic silicone which is stable in 1: 1 dilution with cold water.

Appearance: Light misty colorless emulsion

Ionic structure: Nonionic

pH value: 6-8

Solids: about 50% (Wacker microwave measurement)

FIELD OF USE: For final finishing with FK Hidrofil Silikon Yumuşatici; applied to yarn, towel, knitting, woven goods gives a good hydrophilicity, soft, elastic touch, resistant to washing. It improves the ease of sewing, strength and anti-creasing properties of the material, as well as comfortable wear and handling. It does not usually affect the fastness and color tone of dyed fabrics. It has little effect on the yellowing of the optical goods.

APPLICATION: FK Hidrofil Silikon Yumuşatici is used to give hydrophilicity to yarn, knitting, towel and woven goods. It is recommended to dilute with cold water in a ratio of 1: 1. 25% silicone emulsion is a ready-to-use product.

FK Hidrofil Silikon Yumuşatici is suitable for fulard and puller under normal conditions. FK Hydrophilic Silicone Softener; can be used alone or in combination with organic fabric softeners, polyethylene waxes and other finishing agents.
For Fulard application;

It is recommended to use 10-30 gr / l of FK Hidrofil Silikon Yumuşatici diluted in 1: 1. In direct use without dilution, the bath concentration of FK Hidrofil Silikon Yumuşatici should be 5-15 g / l.
For puller application;

Bath Ratio: 1: 20 FK Hidrofil Silikon Yumuşatici; 3% should be used according to fabric weight.


The expiry date is indicated on the packaging label for each lot. In cases where the date shown on the label exceeds the date, the product is not intended to be used. In such cases, the product should be checked for suitability for the intended purpose in terms of quality assurance.