(Phosphonate based ion scavenger )

Chemical Structure: Mixture of polycarbonate and phosphonates

Ionic Structure: Anionic

Appearance: Clear, liquid, colorless

Density: pH (Direct): 4,5 + 0,5

Solubility: Easily soluble in water at any rate.


  • It can be used in pre-finishing, dyeing, finishing and all stages of reactive dyeing, where it is desired to deactivate metal ions which may damage the process.
  • In addition to forming complexes with ions; prevents precipitation of salt and oxide residues; improves the quality of the liquor and thus the color vividness by keeping it dispersed.
  • Since it forms a complex with alkaline earth metal ions, it prevents precipitated ions from precipitating on the product during washing after baking and bleaching. In addition, it provides better whiteness and hydrophility by dispersing the impurities that may arise from cotton with dispersing effect.
  • Although maximum yield is obtained between pH 7-12, pH is effective between 2 – 13.
  • Does not cause color change.
  • Prevents overprinting of white surfaces from contamination in printing applications; improves washing and color fastness.
  • In bleaching processes where silicate is used, it prevents the silicate precipitation by forming complexes.
  • It can be used in all processes where water hardness can cause problems.