Concrete is robust, durable and most importantly, a material that everyone can use.
FK Beton Curing. Fast On Fresh Or Spilled Concrete Mortar By Clearing Water Loss
Water exceeds the surface, increases its resistance, prevents drying, increases its impermeability, thus freeze years in plasters.
A formed cured film layer turns on the durability of the polishing property.
Not only do we have excellent decorative qualities, but it also extends the service life several times.
– Limits if you are cracking;
– Protects the surface from evaporation of water very quickly;
– Drying of the top coat;
– Corrects fading phenomenon;
– an example of a transparent colorless film.
FK Beton Curing application area:
– industrial floor with surface hardener;
– Colored surfaces;
– Uncoated concrete floor.